For Prelicense Students Wanting to Book Their School Final Exam:

Once you have completed the 90 hour course, you are ready to take your school test.  You must make an appointment to take the test during our designated testing times. 

Below is when the School Test is offered at each campus:





MESA CAMPUS Every Monday Starts at 12:30pm (arrive 15 min early) Starts at 5:30pm (arrive 15 min early)
SCOTTSDALE CAMPUS Every Tuesday Starts at 12:30pm (arrive 15 min early) Starts at 5:30pm (arrive 15 min early)
PEORIA CAMPUS Every Wednesday Starts at 12:30pm (arrive 15 min early) Starts at 5:30pm (arrive 15 min early)
PHOENIX CAMPUS Every Thursday Starts at 12:30pm (arrive 15 min early) Starts at 5:30pm (arrive 15 min early)


Once you have chosen a campus and time you would wish to test, follow these instructions to book your appointment to come in and take the School Test:

  1. On our website, click on the Student Tab and then click on "Book Your School Exam" (or click HERE)
  2. Fill in your Name, Phone Number, Email.
  3. You will see available timeslots for each campus as well as the number of available appointments left for each timeslot. NOTE:  If you wish to view timeslots for only one campus choose Scottsdale, Mesa, Peoria or Phoenix under the Resource dropdown menu (just under Category).  
  4. Click on the timeslot you would like and then click Submit.  You will be sent an email confirming your appointment. 

Cancellation Procedure & Policies:

You will be given a cancellation code after you register for an appointment (you will also be emailed one).  You can enter that code at the bottom of the page to cancel your appointment up to 12hrs prior to your appointment.  Please make sure you will be available for the time and date you select.  You may cancel your appointment up to 12 hours prior to your appointment.  Failure to do so will result in a $10 no-show fee.

Exam Day Instructions:

  • Please arrive to check in for the exam 15 mintues prior to the scheduled start time.  Check-in begins no earlier than 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the exam and the exam begins promptly at its scheduled time.  Once the exam has begun no one else is admitted.  Sorry, no exceptions.   You will have two and a half hours to complete the exam.
  • No cell phones are allowed in the testing room.  The only items that you should bring on exam day are a No. 2 pencil and a basic calculator.  Scratch paper will be provided.  Do not bring your course book or any other class materials with you.

Exam Grading:

  • Your exam will be graded immediately upon completion and you will be provided a report of your final score with a breakdown of your grade in each subject.   This will assist you in determining what areas you may need to review. 
  • You will have four (4) attempts to pass our school exam.