How to get an Arizona Real Estate License

Interested in a career in Real Estate?

Whether you have a full-time career that keeps you busy, are enjoying retirement or raising your children, if you have an interest in getting your real estate license, we can help get you to your goal.  Here is a brief overview on what is required by the state of Arizona to obtain your Arizona Real Estate License:

Arizona requires 90 hours of classroom education and to pass a final exam (75% or higher) offered by a real estate school. The education and exam testing need to be completed in 6 months or less.

The price of the classes with our school is $399.00.  We offer flexibility to allow people to take classes that will fit their individual schedules, but we also offer programs that can be completed in a short time-frame such as our 9 Day Crash.  The choice is yours on how fast you get your 90 hours in within your 6 month enrollment window.  We break the 90 hours down into 18 modules that are independent from each other. This means you can take the 18 modules in any order and at any campus. We have 3 conveniently located campuses across the Phoenix metro area that are sure to be close to your home or work. Courses are offered morning, afternoon, evening and weekends. 

Are you from another state?

No matter what state you reside in you will need to pass both the national and state-specific exam to be licensed in Arizona. The exams are not difficult if you take the time to study the material from the classes. At AARE, we also offer an Exam Prep for those who wish to review the classes before attempting the exam.

After you attend all 18 modules

After completing the 90 hours of classroom work (18 individual courses that are 4 1/2 hours each) and pass the school exam with a 75% or higher grade, you will need to attend a 6 hour Intro to Contract Writing course. You do not need this course to take the state exam, but you will need it completed prior to activating your real estate license.

The State Exam

After you have successfully completed our school exam, we will give you a Certificate of Completion that will allow you to schedule your state exam.  The state charges $75 to take the state exam.  The state exam consists of a national portion and a state-specific portion. Each portion will be graded separately and you will be required to achieve a score of 75% or higher in order to pass.  If you pass one but not the other, you will only be required to take the portion you failed; however, you will be asked to pay the entire testing fee again.


The state requires all new licensees to get their fingerprints done and submit to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and guide you to complete your fingerprints.The process can take up to 4-6 weeks to receive your fingerprint card, so we encourage our students to get this process started as soon as you enroll.  You will receive a Security Clearance Card once your prints have been approved.  This card will be required when activating your real estate license.

Career Expos

We give you access to over 25 different brokerages who are actively seeking new agents. There are so many different types of agencies and commission structures to choose from whether you enter the real estate industry as a full-time career or only part-time.  

Applying for your license

Once you have completed your 90 hours of instruction, passed both the school and state exams, completed the contract writing course and obtained your fingerprints, you are ready to turn in your application. Make sure that you have verification of all of the items above. You will also need to complete and turn in the real estate license application form which can be found on the Arizona Department of Real Estate website You will also need a proof of identification, such as simply photocopying your driver's license. You will turn in all of this information along with a check or money order for $60 payable to the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

After you receive that notification that your license has been activated, you will have to obtain membership with a local real estate association. This includes membership with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to give you access to listed homes. 

We're Here to Help

We know this is a lot of information to absorb, so we're here to help you every step of the way.  All of our campus locations are casual learning environments to make the entire process an easy, comfortable experience.  

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